The Mission

Mission Statement

I want to live. Exist in the moment. Be free and happy. Away from what civilization has influenced. I am demanding my brain back; my life back from the treacherous hands of babylon. I want to live in harmony, and bring my son into a life of harmony, but the current state at which the world is in when both he and I were born have led us to drown in sin and desire, as with many. That is the current world we live in, and it is the most unfortunate thing for everyone. To our planet, to ourselves, and all living creatures.

We are killing our planet and we are killing ourselves.

The most unfortunate thing is that most of us do not see it because we have been blinded by desire, luxury, money, fancy homes, cars, etc. They are not what makes us who we are and we are Human. We are not self-aware of our own potential. Do you know what Humans are capable of? It’s so much more than sitting on our butts in front of a TV, stuffing our faces with ‘food-like’ products, killing ourselves. We are choosing to let them flip the switch in reverse, taking our time away.

But why is time so precious? It’s what makes us exist.

What will make you stick around longer?

What is worth your time?

To be in the moment, our moment. Not someone else’s, the past moments, and not moments of the future.

We are here to exist in our fullest potential. But few know what that is. What is the Nature of Humans? It has been my life’s biggest question. One my brain will not let go. What am I supposed to do? For several years I have been working to perfect my studies of the Human Nature. And I feel it is time to start putting it out there so that I myself can create a life guide to harmony. And in that process help other souls to find peace in their struggle to live like a human.

Journal Entry 12/23/14 by Eternity Shaina