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July Market Photo & Videos

This months market was the most I’ve seen thus far. The first video shows everyone around 0:50

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Twin Peaks, Part 7 Photos

Twin Peaks STL did its first public event at Kismet Creative Center. We showed part 7 of The Return. We had an awesome setup. We got inspired to do a cult classic night. Check out the photos.

Polymer Clay Workshop
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June Market Photos

Our monthly artisan market was a success. We had live music, food, and workshops this time around. Artisans are already planning for better workshops at the next one on July 9th.

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Rummagepalooza 2017 Photos

Rummagepalooza was a lot of fun..! Check out photos of our artisans who participated.

My mom wrote an article about it here: Super Saturday.

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New Look

I just updated the look with a digital drawing of my original hand drawing for better quality viewing on the website. This took some time to do, but I really like the results.


Original Hand Drawing (colored pencil)

Digital Drawing


In doing this digital logo with no background, I was able to use a photo of mine. The story behind that photo is profound to me. It was taken at Astral Valley before Cosmic Reunion happened. Who knew that this photo of a leaf creating a ripple in the creek would be the ripple to the many opportunities I have had with them as well as the photo now being used. It feels like destiny.


You can check out more of my photos, digital artwork, and more at

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April Market Photos

It was such a beautiful day despite the wind blowing everything off our tables. We had two new artisans with us today.

Heather Mueller aka Crescentics makes amazing polymer clay jewelry. Clara Stone aka Quixlan Heirloom Seeds brought us her seeds that she has collected from local farmers.

I am so happy to see out harmony database is growing.




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March Market Photos

Yesterday was the very first info share..! It really was a great kickoff for us.

Everyone was talking, sharing, collaborating, tasting
kombucha, and smelling sage.

It truly was a dream come true.

Two pending Artisans got their walk-through review done, and were given their Harmonious Artisan badge, along with all the other Artisans.

A new Artisan signed up, got her review done, and became a verified Harmonious Artisan.

I received lots of good feedback and ideas for the ever-growing project.


To be Human

I am lying in my bed. It’s half past noon. I feel the urge to be productive, but I have no idea where to begin. I think of a thousand things to do.

Where to I start?

Every day I face this challenge. I don’t know this body. What am I to do on such an unconscious planet? Are there others like me; who struggle to be human?