TOCO Shop & Pantry / Tapestry of Community Offerings

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More Info
  • TOCO is the Tapestry of Community Offerings. Our mission at TOCO is to empower families through green and community partnerships. Our programs elevate the quality of life for children and families who together build a strong, diverse and sustainable future.

    We operate through gracious volunteers, public donations, events fundraising and the operation of the TOCO Shop. At the TOCO Shop we keep materials out of landfills by helping give them fresh lives through reselling, up-cycling, and redistributing items to organizations & individuals that can make use of them.

    In 2016 we helped serve 965 families in transitional life situations through our textile pantry, bear necessities & backpack outreach program and we kept 1,186,974lbs out of landfills by since 2010.

    DONATE, VOLUNTEER or SHOP at TOCO 7 Days a Week! 10a-4p
    Donation hours: 11a-3p
    Pantry Hours: 11a-2p

  • Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm every day
    Location: 825 W Main St
    United States
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  • 3 thoughts on “TOCO Shop & Pantry / Tapestry of Community Offerings

    1. Great Shop on Cherokee and really cool festival in Eureka. Never been to the shop in Belleville

    2. I have never once left Belleville location empty, always great finds

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  • Recycle: Yes

    If we can't figure out how to upcycle or reuse an item, we recycle it.

    Upcycle: Yes

    We upcycle all day long! Sorting other people's trash & turning it into other people's treasures! We also host upcycle craft workshops periodically.

    Donate: Yes

    Through our pantry, we donate items to organizations or individuals that can make use of them as an effort to keep materials out of landfills!

    Volunteer: Yes

    We function on volunteerism here in our resale shop, and in our community! We host events & keep our adopted highway clean and clear or litter.

  • How do you feel about money?:


    What does a transaction mean to you?:


    What does harmonious mean to you?:


    What do you look for when supporting others or businesses?:

    We support other local, green or sustainable organizations. When we work with an individual, it is our mission to meet their need to provide them a better quality of life.

    In what ways is your work harmonious?:

    TOCO forms partnerships with other organizations & individuals as an effort to support the quality of life for families and keep materials out of landfills.

    In what ways do you want to be more harmonious?: